If you have such an application and it is faulty or you have a query, please contact the applications developer directly for help. 3. This app provides a couple of tools for your Geocaching adventures. Geocaching Australia does NOT have an official geocaching app for iOS, Android, Blackberry or other mobile platform.. Some people swear by using a dedicated GPS unit just for Geocaching and claim it’s more accurate. In other words, if you view the full details of three caches in one day, you have to wait another day to see three more. Starter Kits; Geocaching Guides; Geocaching Books; Find-a-Cache. Available for pretty much all Android phones (1.5+), the app provides direct access to geocaching.com, and lets users find nearby caches using a combination of GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation. This app is installed as an APK file from APKPure.com, so you'll need to know how to install it manually in order to use it. 2. However, there are several others that you might like better or that have features that are cheaper than in the official app. Users can view caches on a live map, use Google or Open Street maps to find caches, log finds online and store cache information on their device. This is one of the more expensive apps, although it’s only around $10, and is one of the highest rated and most popular geocaching apps. This is a really handy feature to quickly look for more within a reasonable distance from the one you’re working on. android android-application android-app geocaching … Go geocaching anytime, anywhere. Tim Fisher has 30+ years' professional technology support experience. Geocaching Tools - Android Application - Ferrodata - ★★★★☆ - Entertainment 1. There’s a wide selection of geocaching apps for all levels of user. Geocaching Tools was developed for Android by Ferrodata Package name : de.ferrodata.gctools System permissions : 5 Click here to show/hide list A Locus simple add-on allows you to download and import caches directly from Geocaching.com si­te. This app is deprecated and no longer available in the Play Store. GCTool is a must have Geocaching toolkit. Can't submit new geocaches through the app. You can handpick certain caches and add them to a custom list but you can also search for geocaches, and even filter them if you like, and then save all the visible caches to a list. More features can be had with Cachly but only if you subscribe to Geocaching Premium through the Geocaching website or app. Instead, you have to go into a particular cache’s information box and turn on Notify me in 300m zone.Â. Since caches can only be placed over 161m from any other one, the circle is a great way to visually see how far away from your last cache you can go to place another so that they aren’t rejected by Geocaching.com. Geocaching free download - Geocaching Deutschland, Geocaching Denmark, Geocaching OWL, and many more programs Added the digital root behind the word value. Alternatives to GCTK Geocaching Tools for Windows, Android, Software as a Service (SaaS), Mac, Linux and more. Requires Android: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21), Signature: 096be91f1d4ca297b4da379a94c19a02aec33be7, File SHA1: 8dab13c51d75325c63ac003212f23782c1e20543, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire. The Geocaching Multi-Tool (GeoMT) Android app provides several tools you might need on a multi-cache route. Geocaching Classic: Android app (4.2 ★, 100,000+ downloads) → As of March 23, this app will no longer be available for purchase. Find and log game pieces (called trackables) on the go. It’s really easy to use and doesn’t include too many settings, so choosing how to use it is pretty straightforward. The description of Geocaching Tools - Calculate the sum of the character values in one ore more words - Chose between a=1, b=2 etc, the inverse a=26, b=25 etc. However, because it’s so simple, you won’t find tons of customization options (but maybe that's a good thing). This app provides a couple of tools for your Geocaching adventures. - … You can pay for the premium version for three months at a time for $9.99 ($3.33 /month) or for a whole year at $29.99 ($2.50 /month). Unless you upgrade to Geocaching Premium, most of these geocaching apps won't show you extensive details for more than three caches within a 24-hour period. This list contains a total of apps similar to GCTK Geocaching Tools. Closely resembles the official Geocaching app. Caches not yet found are simple to spot on the map. It involves searching for treasures hidden around the city, with clues from other app users. c:geo lets you pick a primary and a secondary navigation method, like a compass, an external map app, Google Maps (walking/bike/transit/driving), or Maps.me. With offline logging, the geocaching app acts as if you were online even if you're using offline maps or downloaded caches. How to Clear Internet Cache in Every Major Browser, Option to search for caches by longitude and latitude, address, user, keywords, and trackable, “Go to” option to immediately start navigating to any set of coordinates from any other coordinates, Cache filter to either show all cache types or only traditional caches, multi-caches, mystery caches, giga-event caches, earthcaches, and several others, An option to find caches that are located near another cache, A “personal note” option to store information about a cache for only you to see, Share caches with others over email or any other sharing app. The option to be notified near a cache has to be set manually. Download prior versions of Geocaching for Android. ), show/hide found caches you’ve already found, show/hide caches that are inactive, and filter results for size, difficulty, and terrain levels. Just a quick run through of the geocaching.com geocaching application for the android phone. GCC – GeoCache Calculator GCC is a complete tool that offers all sorts of help with puzzles and the like. Millions of cleverly hidden containers called geocaches are waiting to be found. Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching; Challenges and Milestones; Premium Member Collection; Novelty Items; CITO Collection; EarthCache™ Collection; GeoTour Logo Products; Recently Added; Get Started. Create lists of geocaches and save them for offline use. GPS Essentials enables you to enter coordinates for caches manually, and then proceed towards them via map.. And you shouldn’t forget the old standard, Google Maps. On that website, you can search for caches, create lists of them, log your finds and even create your own. But if you just like to go out once in a while and find a couple of treasures you don’t want to pay a monthly fee. It can also hide your hidden geocaches, exclude ignored caches, remove inactive ones from the map, and exclude archived geocaches. This app is priced at $4.99 and works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. To participate in geocaching, you will need to create an account at Geocaching.com. Geocaching Premium is available through the app which lets you access all the geocache types, download maps offline, use the Trails maps for off-road geocaching, perform better searches when looking for geocaches, and more. If you don’t care about the advanced features, though, you can still use Geocaching to find lots and lots of geocaches without paying a dime. I know the subject has come up before, but in a fast-moving market I'd appreciate cacher's current views. It’s no surprise that one of the better free geocaching apps is the official app, called Geocaching. Geocaching is kind of a scavenger hunt where you use multi-billion government satellites to find Tupperware in the bushes. Geocaching is a lot of fun. This free Android geocaching app isn’t necessarily the prettiest thing you'll ever install but it does have lots of useful features that you won’t get with the official Geocaching app. Geocache Placer provides a way to save multiple places using their coordinates instead of an address like most navigation apps. Free features found in other apps are not free in this one. Geocaching turns every location into an adventure. Filtering options let you hide certain kinds of caches. When you tap a cache on the map, it shows an S, D, T in the pop-up box. Create an account online or through the Geocaching® app to view a map of geocaches near you. Another thing we don’t like about this app is that if you don't want to use the in-app navigation, and instead use your own navigation app, you're limited to using Apple Maps only. Cachly is not a free geocaching app but unlike the official one listed above, this geocaching app only requires a one-time payment to get features like offline vector maps, lists, and advanced searching capabilities. GeoCaches is a much simpler geocaching app than the others in this list. You can also view a geocache’s difficulty and terrain rating, read the description about the geocache, message the person who placed the geocache, share geocaches with others, and log whether or not the geocache was found. Shows the minimum distance caches can be located from each other. There isn't a fee or monthly payment to use it. You can still view basic details and navigate to the caches, but not all of the information about the cache will be displayed. Something not so great about this geocaching app is that you can’t turn on notifications for every cache with a global setting. Every app that accesses Geocaching.com uses the same map as every other geocacher, meaning that no matter which app you use, all the same caches show up on the map. Once you’re viewing a particular cache through Cachly, you can use the menu button to find caches nearby. Another feature worth mentioning about Geocache Placer is the 161m/528ft circle you can overlay on the map. Grid conversions I guess i'll be the first! Hey! Share your experience. Geocaching is an app that you can use to participate in the practice with the same name. June 15, 2017 June 21, 2017 Ryan Gralinski. Key features. Is Snapchat Not Working...Or Is It Just You? He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Calendar challenge tools (Android) By tezk, October 15, 2019 in Geocaching Topics. This might be true. |. You can even filter them by distance, type, size, terrain, difficulty, attributes, status, and other criteria. Download the app and become a modern-day treasure hunter. However, because there’s also a premium version available, the free app is limited in some ways. As the Geocaching API program is intended for the creation of useful tools to benefit the broader geocaching community, the following types of … Find a geocache. You can navigate to the cache with a different GPS app on your phone. Search. The toolkit provides accurate solutions for diverse geometrical problems and is able to analyse both text and numbers. From coordinate notation changes to conversions to complete different coordinate systems and from distance calculations to midpoint and intersection calculations can be found here. Simple design makes it easy to understand. There isn't a monthly payment requirement. By joining and maintaining your Premium membership, you are helping to shape the future of Geocaching. Android Applications iOS Applications Web Applications ... services or tools that will enhance the game for the geocaching community. Can't be as fully customized as the other apps in this list. Another app might make it really easy to filter the caches you see on the screen to hide the ones you’ve ignored or have placed yourself, or to highlight ones you want to take a closer look at later. Plan. Play. It contains different functions to calculate values and checksums, as well as tables and overviews for supporting your outdoor geocaching search. For most people, geocaching involves using the official Geocaching app, listed below. All previous versions of Geocaching are virus-free and free to download at Uptodown. To do that, open the details for the cache and tap Export to send the coordinates to Apple Maps. Another feature worth mentioning comes in handy when you’re making a list of geocaches to find. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable by other APKPure users. It has calculators, converters, en- and de-crypting tools and more, but you’ll need a map-tool to go along with it. A signature template lets you log caches easier and faster. If you have an iPhone or are already using Google Maps on your phone, you can easily grab the coordinates of any location by dropping a pin on the map. The name says it all with this app from Groundspeak. Best Geocaching Apps for Android Devices Geocaching. While the developer is fixing the problem, try using an older version. Geocaching For Free with Android. For example, one app might let you download maps so that you can access caches even without an internet connection, which is perfect for those times when you’re geocaching in remote areas. This geocaching app can also import and export places to GPX files. You can log caches without an internet connection. Then, once you’re connected to the internet, you can use your saved log to log it for real using the internet. It’s simply, intuitive and only requires a geocaching account. I've just upgraded to an android smartphone, and would like the ability to download and manipulate pocket queries (as in GSAK), and have access to geocaching.com out in the field, and preferably also run MemoryMap which I currently do on a PDA. Creating a geocache is fairly simple, but you have to make sure the coordinates are just right so that users can accurately find the geocache through whatever app they’re using. Followers 1. Caches and maps can be saved for offline use. DEPRECATION NOTICE. Download Geocaching Tools apk 1.4 for Android. One for the Android users now is C:Geo, an app that offers support for geocaching.com and plenty other geocaching platforms. Geocaching Topics ; Calendar challenge tools (Android) Sign in to follow this . Create an account. Geocaching For Free. Since geocaching required a GPS, Android-based smartphones are a great tool to use since you normally have them with you.